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Do you work in a healing profession, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by your clients' emotions?

Do you feel unsure of how to respond when big emotions--the client's or your own--show up in a session?

You'll leave this 90-minute workshop led by Dr. Jo with a greater understanding of emotions and practical tools that that you can use immediately in your practice.

This workshop is for anyone working with clients in a helping or healing profession: massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, .astrologers, therapists, acupuncturists, etc.

Can't make it in person? A recording will be made available for a limited time after the event.

You'll learn:

  • The role of emotions and ways to relate to them without being so overwhelmed
  • Self-soothing tools to use with yourself and your clients
  • Techniques to help you be present and hold space for the emotions of others in a more sustainable way
  • How the change process isn't what you think--and how that can help you feel less frustrated with clients
  • And lots more...

    You'll leave our time together with practical knowledge and techniques you can start using right away to help you and your clients.

About Dr Jo:

Dr. Jo Eckler is a licensed clinical psychologist and registered yoga teacher trained in energy work, sound healing, and as a death & mourning doula. The author of I Can’t Fix You—Because You’re Not Broken: The Eight Keys to Freeing Yourself From Painful Thoughts and Feelings, they’ve also appeared in numerous media outlets, including O Magazine, Health, Bustle, and Huffington Post. Their mission is to help others find more self-compassion, meaning, and conscious choice in their lives.


How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop is $30, paid when you sign up.

Will there be a replay?

Yes, a recording will be available for a limited time, emailed to you within 48 hours after the workshop ends.

Are there refunds?

In order to keep ticket prices low, there are no refunds. There is a recording if you're unable to attend live.

What if I want to attend but I don't work in a helping profession?

This workshop is designed for professionals only, since burnout is such an issue in these fields. I plan on doing more in the future that will be created with everyone in mind, so stay tuned!